Paragliding videos and pictures from around the world

כשהנוסע שלך הוא גם עורך וידאו מקצועי, זה מה שיוצא אחר כך! תודה לכרמי על הסרטון המדהים, היה כיף לרחף איתך! 
חברים, מי שמעוניין, ניתן לפנות לכרמי ולקבל סרטון ערוך יפה של הטיסה שלכם. לפרטים:  או ב 058-4612650. 

That's Tim Alongi, one of the best Acrobatics pilots That's Tim Alongi, one of the best Acrobatic Pilots there is. In this video Tim is practicing a spot landing from spiral dive. a spiral dive is a high speed centrifugal descen which is puting the pilot under G force. Don't try this at home! 

Every Paragliding pilot has his preference about flying. We love the most Sunset flights in Natanya and ArsufDuring the summer, there are many days which allows up to fly well over the sunset. we enjoy the beauty of nature while displaying to the people in the city how cool it is to fly. here is a short video from such an incredible day! 

Powered Paraglidingis the step brother. the wing looks so much alike but in powered paragliding we use less of natures elements to get the desired lift - we use an engine. this allows people which are short in time to set up and take off in their back yard and still have a good flying experience most of the days of the year.

When you book yourself to a paragliding course, before flying you will have to practice on the ground - "ground handling"Why is that? because it's so much fun, and it will save your life. Taking off with a paraglider is done while standing on the ground and a pilot with a sufficient control of the glider on the ground is more likely to have safer take off.

Our team pilot taking off with a tandem paraglider in mount Tavor.